Thermography Service
Thermography Services combines over 5 years of risk-based assessment knowledge with the most modern infrared technology to help identify potential problems in your electrical system problems that can cause a breakdown and financial loss.
Equipment with critical conditions can be taken off line under a scheduled shut down, as opposed to failing in the middle of a shift -- or worse, during hours when your facility is unoccupied, increasing the chances of more severe damage or fire. 
Using state of the art technology, we will:
  • record findings;
  • provide detailed reports with images;
  • archive image data and monitor trends over time; and
  • generate electronic transmission reports.

We help you make sound decisions about equipment care, maintenance, budgeting, and plant operations.
Infrared thermography is a noncontact and nondestructive way to detect problems in an electrical system.
All electrical and mechanical equipment emits heat in the form of electromagnetic radiation. Infrared cameras, which are sensitive to thermal radiation, can detect and measure the temperature differences between surfaces. Abnormal or unexpected thermal patterns can be indicative of a problem with the equipment – problems that could lead to a breakdown or failure, or cause a fire.
For example, thermal patterns in equipment can indicate conditions such as:  loose connections ,overloaded circuits or phases, deteriorated or damaged insulation.
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