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Vibration Analysis Service

On-site Vibration Analysis Services include, but are not limited to, basic site qualification and finished system performance verification. A qualified Unisorb representative will travel to your site with state-of-the-art vibration analysis equipment and perform the necessary data collection to permit your situation to be fully evaluated. A detailed analysis is then completed culminating in the issuance of a detailed report presenting the data collected and includes recommendations for the resolution of individual installation problems. This is a "for fee" service with costs being based on a standard "day" rate, a selection of report detail types, or level of detail, plus travel expenses.
C Tech Inter provides vibration analysis services as part of its overall engineering assistance program to meet every customer's machinery installation need. Our engineers are thoroughly trained in the use of state-of-the-art vibration analyzing equipment and are experienced in the analysis of technical data collected for every machinery shock and vibration installation problem. Solving difficult machinery installation problems by providing comprehensive engineered solutions is our primary mission.

Vibration System Calibration

We have a purpose in-house and on-site calibration and measurement vibration system providing calibrations to traceable National Standards. We calibrate both charge and IEPE accelerometers and proximity sensor as well as signal conditioning equipment for all manufacturers and recommend you do this annually, although many of our customers prefer every year. 


Oil Analysis Service

Oil is the lifeblood of machines and equipment.

Oil Analysis can identify performance or condition of machines and equipment from determining degree of wear (normal or abnormal), degree of oil degradation and degree of oil contamination.

The goal of oil analysis program is, help to increase reliability and availability of machines and equipment while minimizing maintenance budget and cost which associated with lubrication failure mode, labor, downtime etc.

Thermography Services

Thermography Services combines over 5 years of risk-based assessment knowledge with the most modern infrared technology to help identify potential problems in your electrical system problems that can cause a breakdown and financial loss.

Equipment with critical conditions can be taken off line under a scheduled shut down, as opposed to failing in the middle of a shift -- or worse, during hours when your facility is unoccupied, increasing the chances of more severe damage or fire. 

Using state of the art technology, we will:

  • record findings;
  • provide detailed reports with images;
  • archive image data and monitor trends over time; and
  • generate electronic transmission reports.

We help you make sound decisions about equipment care, maintenance, budgeting, and plant operations.

Infrared thermography is a noncontact and nondestructive way to detect problems in an electrical system.

All electrical and mechanical equipment emits heat in the form of electromagnetic radiation. Infrared cameras, which are sensitive to thermal radiation, can detect and measure the temperature differences between surfaces. Abnormal or unexpected thermal patterns can be indicative of a problem with the equipment – problems that could lead to a breakdown or failure, or cause a fire.

For example, thermal patterns in equipment can indicate conditions such as:  loose connections ,overloaded circuits or phases, deteriorated or damaged insulation.


Motor Current Analysis

The MCE™ Motor Circuit Evaluation test equipment offers the most versatile approach to troubleshooting and trending de-energized electric motors on the market today.

It is equipped with a fully functional laptop computer and loaded with MCE Gold, the gold standard in motor management software.

With MCE Gold the entire test history of your electric motor is at your fingertips and equipped with the latest in acceptance criteria from IEEE and NEMA. Red or Yellow color-coded alarms identify any test data that is outside the acceptance criteria immediately following the test.

The case is made of ultra high impact ABS material for ruggedness. It is easy to carry and no AC power is required ,making tough to reach motors or starters easier to test.

Data Includes:

Phase-to-phase Resistance, Phase-to-phase Inductance, Balance of Resistance, Balance of Inductance, Ground Capacitance, Polarization Index, Dielectric Absorption Ratio, Measured Ground Resistance, Corrected Ground Resistance, Rotor Influence Check, Field Inductance, Field Resistance, Field Capacitance, Field Ground Resistance, DC Armature Tests, Synchronous Motor Tests, Wound Rotor Motor Tests and More…


Machine Maintenance Service

Machine Alignment Service

Perfect alignment of machinery shafts and belts is crucial to prevent premature bearing failure, shaft fatigue, sealing problems, belt problems and vibrations. It further reduces the risk of over-heating and excessive energy consumption. The SKF Reliability Systems offers an easy and accurate way of alignment so that the shafts and belts of the units are in a straight line.

Machine Balancing Service

Machine Balancing Service is the service for reduce the unbalance force in your machines by using the vibration technique.  This service fulfills your machine's performance and reduce the vibration level of your machines. Furthermore, this service also reduces the problem that effect to the other machines.


Bearing Mounting and Dismounting Service

Approximately 14% of all bearing failures can be attributed to poor fitting. Properly mounted bearings can keep your machines running that much longer.

The improper installation of bearings can often cause bearing and shaft damage. Eventually, this damage will have a negative impact on bearing and machine performance. Ultimately, it will reduce bearing and machine service life.

We can provide the expertise you need to ensure that your bearing installation is done properly. Our Service Engineers can install the bearings for you, or simply assist and support your team.



Solar PV System & Smart IoT

A solar power generation system is simple, durable and reliable with no moving components. While prices for non-renewable sources continue to increase on long-term considerations, the cost of solar power generation system continues to decrease and its efficiency to convert sunlight to electricity continues to increase. Complementary technologies such as co-generation, storage, efficiency and automation also grow in capability and reduce in costs.
Solar power is now becoming commercially viable and greatly contributes to saving of electricity expenses over 25 years or more once it is installed for self-consumption purpose.

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