Industrial Equipment Lubrication
Rubric: Hydraulic oils
Supraco MPL: Gear oils
Speed: Spindle oils
SlidFilm: Slideway oils
Bar, Alterna: Compressor oils
Irix LSM: Multifunction greases

High Performance Lubrication
Cimlube: Heavy duty machine lubricants
Irix HP: High pressure greases
SupraGear SY: Synthetic gear oil
Rubric Clean: Clean hydraulic bundle solution
SupraSlide: High performance slideway oil

Heavy Duty Lubrication
D-Power: SAE 10W, 40, 50, API CF
TekmaMegaFleet: SAE 15W40, 20W50, API CI-4
D-Power Extra: SAE 15W40, 20W50, API CI-4
Gear HD: SAE 90, 140, API GL5
Gear HDX: SAE 80W90, API GL5
HD: SAE 85W140, API GL5
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