Ronds Product Catalog


                    Unmatched versatility, reliability and functionality have made the RONDS Analyzer series of data collectors the premier choice for portable, handheld condition monitoring units. Designed to help users establish or upgrade an existing condition monitoring program, RONDS Analyzers handle the tasks required to perform predictive maintenance on rotating machinery in countless industries.

                    RONDS RH711 is developed to meet the increasing demand of networked machine condition monitoring and faults diagnosis. It is the ideal tool for periodical machinery condition monitoring, suitable for route measurement.

RH711 Key Feature

  • Route measurements downloaded from PC software
  • Real-time display of vibration waveform or spectrum
  • Waveform/spectrum analysis
  • Manual input function
  • Integrated 30:1 infrared temperature measurement
  • Balancing (Optional)
  • Electronic navigation
  • Output to computer
  • Set equipment status
  • Explosion proof (Optional)
  • CE marking available
  • RFID card compatible
  • Multi-communication available: Wi-Fi or USB

MRS3000 Software Analysis
MRS3000 Software is B/S software specialized for RONDS condition monitoring products. The system adopts pgSQL , MS SQL Server database and Access.

Easy operation
Tree structure, clearly display equipment, measuring point and so on.

Luxuriant analysis graphs
More than 20 kinds of graphs for vibration analysts: time waveform, multi time waveform, spectrum, multi spectrum, envelope demodulation, cepstrum and so on.


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